Dear friends and colleagues,

Hip surgery, conservative and above all, arthroplasty, remain the most profitable area in terms of indications, clinical results, scientific research and economic investment.
Starting from Europe and the USA, there is a big effort in order to promote the shortest hospital stay for the patients, while maintaining a high-quality standard. The peri-operative organization for a one-day surgery requires a great collaboration of different disciplines. Different countries look at this new wave in singular ways and the state-of-the-art of indications, surgical and anesthesiologic and rehabilitation technique should be subject to international comparison.

Conservative surgery is living a new life, in terms of hip preservation. Again, different attitudes and needs can be encountered in different countries, deserving more uniform critical considerations.
Infections are nowadays living an overall mega-battle and must be considered again as the main cause of failure despite the improvement of surgical techniques and materials.

The introduction of new prosthetic devices, and backyard engineering, should also be considered in a uniform way in different parts of the world.
Revision hip surgery should aim at defining the best optional pathways in terms of indication and treatment, according to the economic impact they may have in different countries.
All the Scientific bodies promoting these meeting represent a part of the world where the Society asks for better care with a less economic burden and reunites distinguished surgeons with huge surgical experience and international fame.

Francesco Benazzo



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